IBS & Digestive Health

Did you know there’s a colony with trillions of microorganisms living inside your gut? Or that this colony of bacteria, archaea, and other microbesand whether they’re healthy or notcontributes to your digestion, immune health, metabolism, mood and so much more?

The microbiome and its residents dubbed “micro-flora,” are gaining traction as being one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for people maintaining general health and wellness today.

Located within the intestinal tract, each person’s microbiome is as unique as their fingerprint, with the composition, amount, and health of the bacteria and other microbials varying from gut to gut. 

Beginning even before infancy, your colony of microflora has been shaped by both genetics and your environmentreacting to factors like whether you were bottle or breastfed if you faced serious illnesses or significant stressors throughout your lifetime, and whether you lead a healthy lifestyle or have a poor diet.

Generally speaking, a healthy microbiome is responsible for food digestion, immune system regulation, protection against harmful bacteria, and the production of vitamins like B12 and K (which are needed for metabolism and blood coagulation). And the greater the diversity and health of the bacteria and other microbes comprising your microflora, the better your microbiome can do its job.

So, now that we’ve established what a healthy gut looks like and how important having a healthy microbiome is, let’s talk about how to support one.

To do this, we like to think of the microflora as having their own digestive needs, with certain foods improving their health and their ability to function well, and other foods hindering them.

Here’s the part where we start talking about fibre.

Fibre is the primary healthy food source for your microflora, directly providing the microbiome with the fuel it needs to function well. In addition to supporting the microflora, fibre contributes to the intestinal barrier or the mucus-like lining of your gut that keeps all the microflora where they’re supposed to be.

When your diet is rich in fibre, your microflora is well-fed and strong and efficiently contained within your guthelping you avoid conditions like leaky-gut syndrome and some cases of IBS. 

Our unique O3NC formula contains the expert-recommended daily dosage of fibre, while also being low in “FODMAP” sugars, or sugars known to cause intestinal distress. This makes O3NC the perfect addition to a balanced diet, keeping you, and the trillions of hungry microflora in your gut, healthy, thriving, and well.