Omega3Nutracleanse Camping Recipes

During the summer, many of us go camping, and when we do, it’s hard to find healthy camping recipes that also taste good and are practical.

We want to play and party, and paying close attention to what foods we’re consuming usually becomes unrealistic–but that doesn’t mean you have to completely fall off the wellness wagon!

Here are 4 Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse® camping recipes to try this summer (just remember to pack a metal rack for cooking over your fire!

The Omega 3 NutraCleanse S’more

Yep! You read that right. Simply roast your marshmallow until golden brown and sticky. Roll it in Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse®, then gently scrape it off the roasting stick and onto a graham cracker with a piece of fair-trade dark chocolate. Add 2 slices of banana and another graham cracker to complete the s’more, and chow down.

Breakfast Oats and Omega 3 NutraCleanse

Using a heat-friendly dish, add oats, water, and 1/3 cup of Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse®. Stir together, cook over the fire, and eat yourself healthy. This is hands down the easiest way to incorporate our product into a meal often made while camping.

The Camping Yogurt Parfait

This classic snack has nothing on the camping version! Heat fruit over the fire, then remove and let cool to room temperature. Once cooled, stir into full-fat Greek yogurt (or dairy-free alternative) along with a couple of tablespoons of Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse®.

Top with some homemade granola (made with Omega3NutraCleanse®, of course) and enjoy!

Camp Fire Crumble

Line a heat-friendly dish with tin foil, then grease with coconut oil. Add fruit until dish is half full. Next, combine oats, ½ cup Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse®, coconut sugar, and extra coconut oil. Sprinkle mixture evenly over fruit, then place dessert over fire and let cook until bubbly. Remove and cool slightly, but serve hot.

So there you have it!

4 camping recipes that use Omega 3 Omega3NutraCleanse®. Please try them and let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you, so be sure to leave a comment on this blog post, or find us on social media.