Start by taking a couple of tablespoons, and work your way up to 1/3 cup — or to the amount that works for you.

Add it to your favorite drink or food: Omega3NutraCleanse® tastes great in yogurt and oatmeal.
Check out our recipe page for more inspiration!

We are a small Canadian company with our home base in Western Canada.  Our distribution is growing across Canada and we are beginning to expand into the USA.

Please see our complete list of retailers here and you can always purchase on-line if we are not yet in your area!   

Health Benefits

O3NC is an all-natural and organic product.  But when introducing any new product into your diet when pregnant, it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

O3NC is an all-natural and organic product. As with any new product that you introduce to your diet, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before doing so.

“Depending on it’s intended benefit:
Take 5 tablespoons — or a 1/3 cup — per day for cholesterol-lowering benefits.
Or start with just one tablespoon, and gradually increase to 1/3 cup or a serving that works for you, to potentially help with regularity or alleviate constipation.
Ensure you drink plenty of water when consuming a higher amount of Omega 3 Nutracleanse, as it helps to absorb and digest it.”

— Robert Lazzinnaro MSc RD CDE

Products and Ingredients

We source our ingredients from local sources if possible — 78% of our ingredients are sourced from Canada.

Omega3NutraCleanse is made in an organic, gluten-free, SQT certified manufacturing facility.

Our product is ground, mixed and packaged in Chilliwack BC, in Anita’s Organics’ gluten-free facility.

All of our ingredients are organic, we are certified organic through Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.

Shipping, returns and exchanges

We ship out three days a week through Canada Post. Your order will be shipped the next business day

Our shipping costs $5.99 flat fee anywhere within the United States.