An All Natural Daily Fibre Boost

Happy Gut, Happy Life.

All-Natural Fibre Has Never Tasted So Good

Omega 3 NutraCleanse is a simple, delicious, and gentle daily fibre boost perfect for anyone looking to improve upon or maintain their healthy lifestyle. Made from 5 all-natural ingredients, O3NC replaces chalky, over-processed fibre supplements—making meeting daily fibre recommendations as easy as a few added spoonfuls to your breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.

All Natural Fibre, Any Way You Like.

Adding fibre to your diet has never been easier with O3NC, an organic, nutrient-dense, delicious blend of 5 health-packed ingredients.

Bake, blend, mix, or shake 3 tablespoons into your favourite foods and reach half your day’s recommended fibre intake.

It’s as easy as pie (or muffins, bread, smoothies, yogurt, or salad).

What's in Our Bag?
O3NC is a blend of 5 whole-food ingredients

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"My first book is called Happy Healthy Gut, so obviously I’m a giant proponent of digestive health. Because I advocate for a whole food, plant-based diet, I’m rarely distracted by packaged products that boast various health claims and swear up and down that as a healthy consumer, “you need this.”

Jennifer Browne Author of Happy Healthy Gu

Amazing product, every 2 month we order next three packages . It is amazing help for gut health.

Martins H

Very happy with the product. My husband has Parkinson’s and we find a daily dose keeps him regular. Would highly recommend this supplement!

Linda W